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How did it all start

Shirley Winner - Social entrepreneur, special mom, educator and music enthusiast who dreamt of combining all her passions in a non-profit promoting music education for all.

Roy Tal - social entrepreneur, musician and producer, created the Akim Tel Aviv ensemble and realized his dream to bring the gift of music to everyone.

Shirley and Roy met through a post on Facebook and the dream of IMAGINE became a reality.

IMAGINE was established in 2014, aiming to promote strategies for empowerment through music for various populations in need of a positive and inspiring experience.

ההכרות של רועי טל שירלי וינר


Music can change people and therefor change the world



Develop and operate innovative

and inclusive pedagogies in

music education, focusing on strengthening life skills



Lead the STEAM movement in Israel, calling for adding arts as a core subject to STEM curriculum, thus making it well rounded and nurturing 21st century skills  

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Sharing IMAGINE's unique knowledge and experience with educators, caregivers, therapists and families in Israel and around the world

Our Partners



EdTech Israel, ‘STEM to STEAM - Music is the best’ a review of STEAM movement and researches on the impact of music on the human mind.


ISME conference on special music education in Orff institute in Salzburg Austria - opening presentation on 'Music education for all' -development and implementation of a nationwide curriculum for special music education.


‘Music education for all -  Developing innovative curriculum for special music education’ was chosen from hundreds of projects for the accelerator of the R&D department in the Ministry of Education.


ISME conference on special music education at Drake school, Edinburgh Scotland - ‘How to make music accessible through musical technologies?’ 


VSA annual conference , Pittsburgh, USA - Practical workshop on using musical technologies with different disabilities.


Collaboration with  Tarbut organisation on team training and nationwide operation of inclusive bands program 


A nationwide pilot with the ministry of education for SoundLab program for youth at risk  


Given a special advisory status to the UN on music and special needs


Berklee college of music, ABLE conference, Boston USA -

2 practical workshops on IMAGINE's programs

2 International Education Awards for the Inclusive Band program at the 'Reimagine education' conference 

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