Music has the power to change people and therefore change the world

How did it all start

Shirley Winner - Social entrepreneur, special mom, educator and music enthusiast who dreamt of combining all her passions in a non-profit promoting music education for all.

Roy Tal - social entrepreneur, musician and producer, created the Akim Tel Aviv ensemble and realized his dream to bring the gift of music to everyone.

Shirley and Roy met through a post on Facebook and the dream of IMAGINE became a reality.

IMAGINE was established in 2014, aiming to promote strategies for empowerment through music for various populations in need of a positive and inspiring experience.

ההכרות של רועי טל שירלי וינר


To create pathways to employment for adults with disabilities and underprivileged youngsters

To develop ways to empower each and every person through music, using positive and inspiring experiences.

To promote innovation and inclusion in music education while maintaining a commitment to values of creativity, innovation, diversity and accessibility.

Our Team

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"Music is flight to the imagination" 

" Where words fail, music


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"Walking beside you in the paths that carry your steps” 

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“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent”

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Shirley Winner 
Co-founder & CEO
Inbal Tuval
Director of Technology and Resource Development
Alon ram 
Professional Manager
Einav Madmon
Operation Manager







General Assembly & Board members:


Eli Shaharabany - Chairman
Jecobe perry 
Moshe Marie 
Reuben Avlagon
Avsha Agasi
Yuval Matalon
Tal Teomim
Shira Getsler
Gadi Gidor
Moran Martziano
Eli Nahum


Content development team:

Ayala Levy Tzadok - Senior Instructor at IMAGINE & musician excellence graduated Berkeley 
Omer noiman - Senior Instructor at IMAGINE & musician student
Roi Mor - Senior Instructor at IMAGINE & Music therapist
Ziv Weisberg - Senior Instructor at IMAGINE & Graduate of psychology studies
Assaf Shani - Senior Instructor at IMAGINE & musician
Uri Sharlin - Senior Instructor at IMAGINE & international musician
Sagi Horodi - Senior Instructor at IMAGINE & Music therapist

Pedagogic consultants:

Orna Pumerantz - pedagogical program development expert
Prof’ Shunit Raiter - Special Education & Services for Persons with Special Needs
Dr. lea marzel - pedagogical program development expert


Our Partners