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Unique and exciting content for a variety of business, social and volunteering events:

Ka Boom

Music playing activity for the masses; IMAGINE will build an uplifting musical experience by taking a song of your choice and teaching your participants to sing and play instruments without any need of prior musical experience. This activity is exciting and empowering and goes to prove our motto that ‘everyone can play’.

Digital Jam stations

A unique glimpse into the world of music accessibility by experiencing music playing and creation through iPad apps and other technological musical instruments. Techy and fun activity that ignites the inner musician in all of us.

Wall of music

Each of us has their favorite song...this idea takes it to a community level by creating a unique virtual musical wall consisting of all participants’ favorite songs. You could also use it to create your own playlists and play music from it at receptions and events.

Professional development musical workshop 

IMAGINE is world-leading in its models for celebrating diversity and inclusion through music. 

We believe music offers an ideal platform for promoting diversity as it is a universal language, bridging between cultures, and nurturing collaboration and positive communication.

When creating and performing music together, we need to be attentive to each other, work together and maximize the potential of each member in the group regardless of their abilities.

Nurturing collaboration, communication, and creative thinking contributes to a more engaging and fulfilling work environment and promote diversity and inclusion

We tailor-made our workshop to the needs and goals of each team or group, focusing on communication skills, team identity and creating a mutual experience of success where everyone can shine.

Inspiring lectures

on the people behind IMAGINE, its unique ‘Start Up’ model, the effect of music on the human mind, accessible music through technologies and more.

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