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Innovative program for music education based on contemporary teaching methods and using both classical and technological musical instruments. The program’s goal is to teach, develop and nurture musical abilities as a way to empower the participants. The program offers a variety of activities which develop knowledge , life and social skills through  experiences of success and while focusing on abilities rather than disabilities. 
This original program corresponds with the leading trends in the world of music education and is based on wide international knowledge .
The program is ideal for working with heterogeneous groups of participants both with and without disabilities while taking into consideration the diversity in ages, level of functioning and number of participants per group.
The program operates in over 100 groups nationwide within special and inclusive schools, afternoon programs, children’s hospital wards and projects with youth in distress.

Yearly music education for all 

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Multi-age musical ensemble

Multi-age musical ensemble consisting of participants with and without disabilities and operating within community frameworks. The main goal is empowerment through the experiences of musical achievement by playing and performing together. The band sessions include working with contemporary teaching methods such as ‘Figurenotes’ (progressive notation system based on colors and shapes), playing classical and technological musical instruments, vocal and singing exercises, developing rhythmic qualities, songwriting and composing. Through this process we develop inner and outer attention and awareness, shared responsibility and teamwork. The band meets every week and performs several times throughout the year . The musical repertoire is established together with the participants and teachers. 

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This program is the first of its kind in Israel and combines music and technologies according to the innovative STEAM approach.
The STEAM approach calls for combining the arts into the STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) curriculum that has been the leading educational agenda since the beginning of the 21st century. 
IMAGINE, as a leading body of knowledge on combining music and technologies, has taken upon itself to lead the implementation of STEAM approach in Israel and created PBL (Project Based Learning) curriculum consisting of exploring and learning through musical experiences related to issues such as identity, family, heritage, community and environment.
This program is based on knowledge of the extent of the effect music has on emotional, cognitive and social development. Today music is considered a leading discipline in the arts under STEAM because by combining it with science and technologies it attributes to creative thinking, teamwork and creates pathways for employment.

STEAM based music education program combining music and technologies.

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IMAGINE has created innovative pedagogy in music education focusing on life and social skills and shared it with educators, paraprofessionals, social workers, youth guides and families through workshops and lectures. 
IMAGINE has presented its pedagogical models in leading international conferences where it came to realize the growing demand for the unique knowledge based on experience with over 3,000 participants in programs nationwide.
IMAGINE’s next project is creating a first of its kind online platform that will include online courses, peer learning and sharing, a figurenotes database (special progressive notation system from Finland) , a wide selection of musical activities and games, iPad app tutorials and much more. Moreover, IMAGINE will offer bespoke online and on-site training, workshops and support for any organization or institution that will seek further knowledge.

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Sharing our knowledge



Berklee college of music, ABLE conference, Boston USA - 2 practical workshops on ‘Inclusive Musical Ensemble' and ‘Musical Cycle of Internalized Learning'

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ISME conference on special music education in Orff institute in Salzburg Austria - opening presentation on 'Music education for all' -development and implementation of a nationwide curriculum for special music education.


EdTech Israel, ‘STEM to STEAM - Music is the best’ a review of STEAM movement and researches on the impact of music on the human mind.


‘Music education for all -  Developing innovative curriculum for special music education’ was chosen from hundreds of projects for the accelerator of the R&D department in the Ministry of Education.


VSA annual conference , Pittsburgh, USA - Practical workshop on using musical technologies with different disabilities.


ISME conference on special music education at Drake school, Edinburgh Scotland - ‘How to make music accessible through musical technologies?’



Recognized as a UN consultant in the fields of music and special education



Winning in 2 International Education Awards for the inclusive band Program

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