• Inbal Tuval

๐ŸŽผ When everyone works together - amazing things can happen๐ŸŽผ

We are all familiar with the moment when we realize we are going to attend a workshop...we imagine numerous long lectures and we fully charge our phone โ€˜just in caseโ€™ it will be boringโ€ฆ

This is our challenge - to try and do things differently - from the beginning.

We let everyone into a big room with many different instruments waiting for them to play

We explain our motto that everyone can play and they donโ€™t need prior experience or a musical gift.

Step by step we create a complex musical layout together , where everyone plays a part: playing an instrument, keeping the beats or singing, and we make the magic of music happen.

the level of engagement and enthusiasm never cease to amaze us and we are proud to say that in our workshops- no one plays with their phones

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Imagine, Herzlyia, ISRAEL



ยฉ 2019  |   IMAGINE Empowerment Through Music, RA 580587269

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