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The Musical Bus
Treating trauma through music


The horrific events of the October 7th attack left more than 130,000 people
displaced from their homes and many direct and indirect victims,
who suffer from unprecedented trauma and anxiety.

Why Music?

The significant impact of music on wellbeing was proven in numerous studies:

 * Music reduces stress and anxiety and helps dealing with trauma.

 * Has a long-lasting impact on mental health and wellbeing.

 * Improves psychological, emotional and social aspects.

 * Offers hope, empowerment and self-efficacy.

What is
Musical Bus?

The Musical Bus is a mobile music studio, equipped with a verity of instruments, musical technologies and recording studio. This mobile musical setting can serve dislocated students nationwide and offers them:

* Weekly music lessons.

* An evidence-based musical healing curriculum.

* Access to classical and electronic music instruments.

* Over 15 sessions spanning 6 months.

* High-impact program, flexible to the evolving needs.

Who Are We?

IMAGINE (NGO) is a world leader and advisor to the UN on empowerment through music. Its decade-long experience in using music as a platform for enhancing well-being and resilience with various populations gives IMAGINE an advantage in these harsh times.

Our team of trauma experts, educators, therapists, and musicians developed unique responses to current events, creating a vast database of lesson plans, activities and games. 


Want to Help?


 Your support will help us:

* Repurpose and Equip more Music Buses.

* Expand our reach to more displaced children.

* Ensure the sustainability of the program.

* Tax deductible – 501 [C][3] /46A

* Naming rights are optional.

* Buses Costs were donated, ongoing expenses to be covered by government offices.

Help us to help the children!
Bank Transfer:

IMAGINE Empowerment Through Music,
Bank Hapoalim (12), Branch 628 – Herzliya,
Account number 405628

IBAN: 750126280000000405628IL 

For more information:

Call us today at 052-2411241 or write to


MUZE TECH brings together state-of-the-art new technology startups, prominent corporates, innovative creators, and non-profits in a unique creative ecosystem, satisfying the desire and market demand to push the boundaries of entertainment through tech.

IMAGINE is an innovative NGO aiming to revolutionize music education and to better lives through music. IMAGINE develops inventive pedagogies in music education for various populations, celebrating diversity and inclusion through unique teaching methods and cutting edge music technologies.

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