• Inbal Tuval

馃幎 So what will we do? Music !馃幎

In 2014, When we started IMAGINE, we faced a military operation in Gaza that quickly deteriorated into a reality that shattered all of our plans.

People were taken out of their homes, rockets and sirens everywhere, schools and municipalities moved to emergency operations - it was depressing.

But after being depressed for a few days we realized that this is a temporary situation that will eventually return to a normal routine, and that we need to step forward and create something positive to balance the anxiety, fear, and chaos.

So we created amazing collaborations and performed musical activities to cheer up children and teens that were evacuated from their homes.

These were our first activities as a non-profit and they will always have a special place in our heart to remind us that no matter how hard things seem to be - music has the power to make things better.

And here we are again, facing a global pandemic, which led to closing schools and workplaces, filled us with uncertainty, fear and anxiety, isolated from our friends and family.

Again we feel this is our moment to step forward and come up with ideas to raise morale, lower anxiety and create shared experiences through music!

We are great believers in the power of music to change lives for the better. We see it every day in our work, its effect on the brain, the body, and our wellbeing.

Music has no age, race or sex - it belongs to all of us!

So we decided to harness our experience and knowledge and bring you musical activities, games, Apps and much more until this crisis is over.

If you don鈥檛 have musical instruments at home, iPads and mobile phones will do the job...

So join us and let鈥檚 create some good vibes!

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